The Ingenue and Props



Installation, 1500x700x550CM, 2 video's (Video # 1: ‘The Ingenue ‘I think I am’’ beamer projection 400x250CM and Video # 2: ‘The Ingenue’ on a 4:3 monitor), audio (soundscape and the voice of a man giving instructions), props (theatre materials, chairs and technical support), artificial light (spotlight, video reflections, mood lighting)


The work consists of 2 video works, one video projection presenting the work ‘The Ingenue ‘I think I am’’  and one monitor presenting  the work ‘The Ingenue’ . You hear a looped audio soundscape and the voice of a man giving instructions throughout the whole room. The room was split up in to two parts by a 15m long carpet that was mounted 5m high on the wall and continued in a curve to the floor in the middle of the room. Because of this a ‘backstage’ and an ‘onstage’ part was created. The backstage area consists of a storage room for props, artificial light, theatre furniture and the monitor showed one of the two video works  (‘The Ingenue’). The onstage area consists of the red carpet, props, chairs, technical support and the video projection (The Ingenue ‘I think I am’).


In this installation the video’s, sounds, props, materials and the viewers are all part of the work. I want the viewer to question everything he sees and let them choose their own position in the room. Even though it looks like you are free as a viewer in my work, I am still the one who has control over the situation. In this work I play with the balance of controlling the props, the actor and the viewer and at the same time their own individuality is left in their value.


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