The Ingenue and I

Refers to the installation 'The Ingenue and Props'


Video, loop, monitor, DVD player, cables


The video shows the flickering pictures of the two figures, the character ‘the Ingenue’1 and the actress as herself. Because of the very quickly flickering the pictures melt together as one image. The video is a loop and has no time limit.


This separate work refers to the installation ‘The Ingenue and Props’ because the same actress and the character ‘the Ingenue’ also appears in the installation.


1. The Ingenue is a stock character  in literature, film and a role type in the theatre.  She is a girl or young woman who is innocent, virtuous, candid, and wholesome. She is in the middle of her transformation of becoming a woman. The Ingenue may also refer to a new young actress.


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